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The Microfilm Archives of the German Language Press (MFA)

The office of the Microfilm Archives of the German Language Press (MFA) is to be found in the Institute for Newspaper Research, Dortmund. The Microfilm Archives ensures the preservation of newspapers, in particular, by storing them on microfilm. The MFA sells duplicate copies of master films.

The master films in the MFA’s possession are not designed for use at a microfilm reader. In the MFA catalogue there is a complete list of all the newspapers (and also countless journals) preserved on microfilm in the Federal Republic of Germany. The catalogue also lists duplicate microfilm copies of newspapers that are available in German libraries and archives. The working copies of microfilm which belong to the Institute for Newspaper Research are also recorded in the MFA catalogue. The catalogue comes in electronic form or can be purchased in hard copy at book stores.

For an online search of the catalogue, please click here.